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Increase conversions during the discovery & booking phase by showing potential guests curated and dynamic personalized local guides as they browse your site.

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About HoverPin Local City Guides

Automate the creation of local guides on your site by pulling suggestions from a curated list of online sources. The specialized content will inspire potential guests with the latest and coolest events, activities, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, historical sites, tourist attractions and more in your local area / city:

  • Food and beverage recommendations (the really cool stuff discovered by local style finders)
  • Live events (ranging from the cool reggae show next door to the golf championship at the club)
  • Local attractions (including exciting historical buildings in your neighborhood)
  • Tours and activities that go far beyond the flyers in your lobby

"'Near Me' searches on Google have increase by 900% the the past 2 years"

Meeker Report - 2018