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Dynamic calendars showing your favorite events around you.

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How it works

Dynamic calendars are easy to create and install. And the best part is that they work with your existing calendaring app.

Choose a Topic

Choose any event topic that you are interested in, such as 'jazz', 'running', 'dating' or 'kids'.


Click the subscribe button to create add the dynamic calendar. Don't worry, you can remove it later.

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Next time your open your calendar, you will see the events around you that match your selected topic.

Fresh Content

Your calendar will update automatically to show you the latest events around you.

Multi Platform.

Works with your existing calendar application. It's FREE & there's nothing to install.

Our calendars are compatible with most calendar applications including: Mac OS Mail, Google Calendar, Outlook, Yahoo! Calendar, Eventful, Microsoft Office. They work with Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS.


Watch this short video to learn more.