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Our Story

Are you often looking for something new to see or do nearby? Do you simply wish know more about what’s around you or about a city you want to visit.

You are unique, so we believe your maps should be too

Current mapping and local/travel discovery tools largely provide mass market, 'one-size-fits-all' content. However, this content only touches the surface of the fascinating trove of geo-related information that exists. HoverPin’s mission is to bring this information to you and help you create a personalized, off-the-beaten path view of what’s around you.

To do this, we are constantly scouring the Internet for unique and interesting content to add to your maps, much of which you otherwise wouldn’t find on ordinary apps and sites.

  • Architectural landmarks
  • Running and cycling trails
  • Historical markers
  • Craft beer bars and independent coffee shops
  • Designer sample sales
  • Public monuments and art
  • Latest restaurants

Re-Imagining Discovery...


Create a Map that only shows content based on your interests.


Rather than go to individual sites for information, see everything in one place.

Unique & Diverse

Find a wide range of off-the-beaten-path places, events, and people that we’ve uncovered.


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