Calling All Publishers

  • Do you publish unique and interesting geographically-related content?
  • Are you seeking to expand the reach of your content without additional cost?

If so, don't be left behind. Let HoverPin be a powerful new way to distribute your content to new users and more actively engage existing ones.

What is HoverPin?

The HoverPin app allows users to create personalized maps based on their interests.

Specifically, HoverPin surfaces and aggregates content from a range of topics onto a single screen, letting users access your content on the go...

  • Aggregation

    HoverPin aggregates content from a multitude of sources around the web. Primary topics include:
    • Food & Travel
    • Art and architecture
    • History and culture
    • Fitness
    • Family and activities
    • Social media
  • Customization

    Users can customize their maps with information that interests them.

  • Multiple Points of Access

    Users will be able to access layers & pins from our iOS & Android mobile apps, website, FaceBook Chat Bot and more, giving you new channels to distribute your content and drive traffic back to your website.


The HoverPin Platform

HoverPin is powered by its local discovery platform, which connects users with publishers of unique and interesting geo-relevant content.

Examples of layers that users currently can select from include:

  • Michelin
  • Lonely Planet
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • World Architecture Map
  • Yelp
  • Twitter
  • TripAdvisor
  • Flickr
  • and so much more...

The Value to Publishers

HoverPin is a valuable channel for expanding visibility and reach, as it surfaces Publisher content and encourages users to visit a Publisher’s site.

  • 1

    Grows your user base

  • 4

    Engages users based on their location

  • 2

    Provides a new channel to engage your users

  • 5

    Provides you with an app capability

  • 3

    Frames your content in a new, geo-centric way

  • 6

    Complement your content with relevant third-party information

How Does it Work?

We are looking to partner with a select set of Publishers with unique and interesting geo-relevant content and add them to our layer platform. Our process for integrating partner content is simple and involves no cost.

  • 1


    Submit your website for review. If your content is consistent with what we are seeking, we will proceed to the next step.

  • 2

    Crawling Your Website

    Our geo-content tool will visit your website and convert all relevant information into a ‘preview’ layer with pins. Note that the ‘preview’ layer does not replicate your content but rather contains a snapshot of it along with links that allow users to go directly to your website.

  • 3


    Once collected, your content will appear as a preview layer in the HoverPin app. Users can then subscribe to this layer and add it to their map. Users will be able to access your content from HoverPin’s iOS & Android apps, website, Facebook page, chat bot and more, giving you new channels for your content that can drive traffic back to you.

  • 4


    We will provide you with a custom HoverPin link that will allow users to load your layer within the HoverPin app, providing them with a simple & convenient way to access your content when on the go.

Reach Out

If you believe that you have great geo-relevant content, please get in touch. Let us show you how HoverPin could drive users to your site by offering a preview of your content on our platform.